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    findText results broken by footnote markers




      Just test a findText based on pointSize and get a strange result. Instead of having [Text Object] for consecutive paragraphs with same size, I got (for example)  [Text Object],[Text Object],[Text Object] ?!


      Search a little bit and realize that it's the Footnote Markers that are "cutting" the result in piece.


      Do you know a solution for that and do you know other (not really logic) reasons why a findText result can be "cut" like that ?




      ** Edit ** : Just to give a practical example, I made another findText search based on fontStyle (app.findTextPreferences.fontStyle = "Italic";). When I have a footnote marker inside my italic text, the result is 2 text object. This means that the Xml tag I apply to the result is cut in 2 pieces. Not really funny !!!

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @LeftHead – is the footnote maker also present as a singular [Text Object] in the range of text objects?

          If left out, does the footnote marker share the same formatting with the formatted text around (same point size or being italic)? If not it has to break.



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            LeftHead Level 1

            Hi Uwe,


            made some further try with the italic:


            even if the footnote marker has the same italic fontStyle that the italic text (and just to be sure, even if the footnote text in itself is in italic), it's still cut in 2 and what is even more strange for me is that the footnote marker in itself is well present in the first [Text Object], not left alone between the 2 [Text Object] (so my xml tags looks like <i>first part1</i><i>second part</i>).


            Make no sense for me