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    Freezing issues

    Stoke Painter

      We've been working with Photoshop CS6 for quite a while and for the last couple of weeks, Photoshop along with Illustrator, freezes at random.



      After working away at our painting and decorating website for hours on end, the issue was turning out to be somewhat annoying!



      It doesn't tend to do this whenever we do something particular. It will happen at any given time and on 4 different PCs. Most of the time it doesn't even allow us to Force Quit. We need to manually restart our PCs.



      Are other people getting this problem?


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          Curt Y Level 7

          Freezing issues are vexing.  It could be as simple as a video card, printer, camera, or scanner driver   Make sure they are updated.


          Also, check your free disk space.  Should have about 20% free.  For a 700g drive that is 100 gig free.