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    Check activation error


      I keep getting am error Check Activation!  message when I try to load a book into Digital Editions 3.0.  My computer shows to be authorized with my Adode ID.  What seems to be problem?

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          Did you find out how to remedy this problem? I have the same with the new version of digital editions...

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            I had ADE 4 on my laptop for downloading Public Library books, had to remove it after all the installation and authenticating... Kobo told me to install ADE 3.0 but now I have the "ERROR: Check Activation" message too!  What do I do?  Is there somewhere I can ask a Adobe Tech?  I have spent way too much time on this.  HELP!

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              I am having the same problem.  I bought a KOBO H2O and I haven't been able to use it.  I have ADE 3.0.1, deauthorized it and reauthorized it but keeping getting "Error! Check Activation" message.  I've had my KOBO for two months and have yet to read a book!  Please help!

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                ruxandrab91609354 Level 1

                Hi! I have followed these steps (with the latest version of ADE) and get rid of the authorization message.

                STEP 1: Selected "library" -> pressed ctlr + shift + D -> chose "erase authorization" and validated this choice.

                STEP 2:  selected help -> "authorize computer" and wrote my ID etc.

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                  I had the same problem with Windows version 4.0.2. I uninstalled it and installed Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 for Windows instead and was able to open my e-book.

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                    Me too!!!!!!!! :-( I hate ADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                      ruxandrab91609354 Level 1

                      I would tend to agree. I had no idea ADE was still at such experimental level - with a double digit market growth, the ebooks market (US) would deserve something more reliable, esp. coming from super Adobe!!! The accent should lie on how to make reading most enjoyable and interactive - after of course being fully reliable - which is the very basic thing about sw! I am afraid I will no longer order books that run on ADE - although this would enable me to receive some French books I am really interested in when they are released... I will turn to good old hard cover in the case (and the French market in just starting to develop)

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                        I am having the same issue, have de-authorized and re-authorized several times. Cannot seem to get Customer Care to respond in their "24/7" chat. Really getting annoyed!


                        +UPDATE+  I fixed it, I uninstalled ADE 4.0 and installed ADE 3.0

                                               After deauthorizing my computer (again) and reauthorizing it, the program allowed me to download my books.

                        download ADE 3.0 here: Adobe Digital Editions downloads

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                          I had the same problem. I paid for the digital copy of the book ,and when I tried to follow suggested steps i failed . 1. ADE could not be written on my Hard Drive!. Then

                          I had to go to Adobe ,downloaded the ADE 4. Then created the ID, when I had to download the book I got error message. Wiley had to e-mail me the book and when I tried to drop it on ADE i got this message - I had to go to Help ,then deauthorise the computer ,then authorise again and then the download began and I have the book.

                          So it appears you need to deauthorise and authorise your computer .

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                            I have the same problem. My school tech spent almost an hour uploading all the components, only to get the Error! Check Activation. So how does this problem get fixed? Pls help.

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                              I have the same  problem, even when I have installed ADE3.. So, for our holiday-trip we had to carry books and now home still the same problem  to load books from my library towards my PC.  However no problem to  load books from free side  like Gutenberg.org !!

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                                shreya Adobe Employee

                                For this problem, you need to deauthorize and authorize ADE again.

                                Launch ADE


                                Help -> Erase authorization.

                                ADE will be deauhorized.


                                Now again AUTHORIZE ADE

                                Help-> authorize computer.