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    How can I deactivate my second computer CC installation and activate on a new second computer


      Hi all,

      I have a two computer Creative Cloud membership. I run the primary part of this membership on my MacBook Pro, all good. I wanted the a second computer to have the save apps but when I tried to activate the membership CC on an older Dell I was not successful. I didn't worry about it because that computer was soon going out of service. It is now out of service and now when I download Creative Cloud on the replacement computer, a Dell i5 laptop with Win 8, I was able to download the updater and was able to download all wanted apps but the applications won't open, the error I get is that I already have it running on a second computer.


      I think I should uninstall it from the older laptop, right. Is there any thing else I should do. I need this running for this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,