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    InDesign Help/Question


      I have recently purchased InDesign for my journalism class. My students have been learning the program and building our school newspaper for several weeks now with no major issues. Yesterday however, when they tried to open the file they had been using they got an alert saying that the file did not exist or was in use. It was also njot in our list of recent files.Thinking it had been "lost" they started over :/

      Today, all of the files created are listed, but they all give the same alert - even the new one.

      Can someone help?

      Thank you!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          First, the Open Recent list is lost when the time changes between regular and savings time -- old bug and a pain in the neck.


          Second, either the files are not being saved successfully (are you working on a network?) or the lock files are not being deleted correctly when ID closes (again, network?). That happens more typically when there's a crash or forced shutdown, but is not unknown on some network configurations. If it is a lock file problem, you should be able to open as a copy (not a solution, but a test), in which case you could resave with a new name (and continue making new versions until finished), and if you can that means you should also be able to navigate to the folder where the files are saved and delete the .idlk files (do this when nobody is working on the files).

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            MsH Level 1

            First of all, thank you so much for replying!

            Now, We are on a high school network and this particular county is a bit crazy with its "protections" but I am unaware of anything that has changed that would all of a sudden present this issue.

            We are unable to open as copy, and none of our files are "lock" files as far as we know (assuming you mean lock as in locked for editing?)

            There has not been any crash that we are aware of either - either to our system or network, but ...

            The files just get saved on our network (my drive) - so what I'm thinking it is, based upon what you have said, that this may be a network issue on my end?

            I apologize as we are not really tekkies

            Any more recommendations would be greatly appreciated - as well as any lingo or what I should say/ask of our tech people.

            Thanks so much!

            Ms. H

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Whenever an Indesign file is opened (or, in the case of a new file, at the point where it is first saved) InDesign created a new .idlk file in the same directory which tell the program that the file is already open so two users don't access it simultaneously. That lock file is supposed to be deleted automatically when the .indd file is closed, but network issues can cause it to fail, along with improper shutdowns.


              It doesn't sound like that's the problem here. Have you tried looking in the network folder where the files are supposed to be to see if they really are there using Explorer or Finder (you didn't mention your OS)? I suspect there is something on your end that is preventing the writing of the files outright, and you should perhaps try saving first to the desktop, then copy the files to the network when finished.

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                MsH Level 1

                Thank you again - I have contacted one of our tech people and I will show her your messages and our issue. I may come back to you for more info or questions if you don't mind.


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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  That's why the forum is here.