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    Submit Not Working


      Users of the form I created on Forms Central say that after they fill out the PDF on their computer and click Submit, nothing happens. Any thoughts?

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


            Is the Submit button enabled or disabled?

          Your user might be using a software other than Adobe Reader/Acrobat to fill out the form.  Will you check and if so, inform them to try to fill out the form using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat or Reader mobile?



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            KSTD Level 1

            The forms work for some people and not others. I’ve tested them and they work for me. Originally we did have a problem with people using other software so added a note on our form that Adobe Reader/Acrobat was required to fill out the form and included a link to download Reader. Some people are still reporting issues.


            Thanks for your input.



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              We are having a similar problem but it is with people viewing the form on line with Google Chrome.  IE works fine (although sometimes the form is slow to load)

              I believe it has to do with chrome using google's pdf reader not, adobe plugin

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                I am having the same issue...I was trying it in Chrome as well and the submit button wouldn't work. When I opened it in Internet Explorer it opened in acrobat and worked just fine...I wish there was a way to prevent that from happening in Chrome. I hate to have to add a message on my website saying "if it doesn't work....."