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    My flash builder is ridiculously unstable


      My flash builder is ridiculously unstable. Nearly everything I click, flash builder throws an exception. I have the TFS plug-in which doesn’t work 90% of the time. It hardly ever checks items out when I edit them, it doesn’t commit changes properly so my colleagues can see them, I usually have to re-commit them and it always insists I have conflicts on items I have never touched when getting the latest version of the whole project. As for flash builder,  I can’t move, rename, delete files in the package explorer, these all throw refactoring exceptions. I can’t use the ‘high light occurrences’ tool this always throws a null pointer exception resulting in me not being able to click anywhere on the text editor until I turn it off. The functionalities of this abysmal piece of software are slowly dying over time the more I use it (I’ve been using it for the past 6 months, it was fine when I first installed it), I’m fairly confident the software will be unusable within the next few months. Not to mention the infamous memory leak, so that it eventually saps all of my ram and restricts me from doing anything else. So I thought, maybe if I search for software updates, some of these issues would have been fixed. But again, you guessed it, this throws an exception...


      All that a side, I think I could have dealt with it all if you provided a reinstall tool, or a fix tool so I could get a fresh install like most software… But it doesn't. So, I’m wondering how I can get a fresh install of flash builder that I am going to be able to enter my current product key, or somehow reinstall my current version so I don’t have to worry about or waste more money getting a new license????