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    How to toggle a caption?

    Kristen2810 Level 1



      I am creating an HTML5 course and I can't figure out how to toggle a caption throughout the entire project. I'm using the latest version of CP7.


      I have a shape button on my Master slide. And on my title slide, I have a caption that I named "help" that is not visible. At any point in the course, I would like for the learner to be able to click the Help button and display the help caption. When the button is clicked, it should pause the slide. When the button is clicked a second time, it should hide the caption and resume playing the slide. I have been able to accomplish this by adding another shape button to the help caption to close the course, but the client would prefer for the custom button that I created in the nav bar to display AND hide the help caption.


      I know I will need to use advanced actions to accomplish this...can anyone help me out?