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    Placing screenshots into InDesign


      Hi All,


      I'm running into a problem I can't seem to surmount. It's a very simple thing I need to do. I need to place a screenshot, taken from a Mac, into an indesign document, without it being pixelated or blurry. Should be easy, right? Wrong.


      • Adding the image to the frame causes it to immediately resize to fit the container. What am I doing wrong? No amount of changing the fitting settings seems to get it to original quality.
      • The resize content button is not what I want. I just want it to be it's own size!
      • To try and work around, I created a frame with the exact dimensions of the picture then placed the picture in the frame. It was still far blurrier than the original when exported. The original, if viewed from preview, is totally fine and crisp.
      • I've tried JPEG and PNG, no difference. I exported it through photoshop at maximum quality and still no visible difference.


      In short, how do I get a screenshot from my computer into the end result PDF document without it losing quality?


      I'm new to InDesign and hoping that I'm just missing something that can easily be cleared up. It's nothing to do with the display performance, which is set at maximum.