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    Placing Excel Table Produces Forms in Exported PDF

    The Gothamite

      Aloha everyone


      I've run into a rather strange sort of thing. So for a while now, I've copypasted Excel tables into InDesign, then exported the PDF and everyone was happy. The other day, my friend looked at one of my PDFs on a Macbook and that's where it got strange.


      On the Macbook, he was able to put text into the tables, because his reader obviously thought that there was some sort of form-functionality. He was also able to put ticks and checkmarks into the tables. Again, his reader interpreted that as a Form functionality.


      I then opened the very same file on my PC. Nothing. No form-fields. Nothing. It works as it should.


      My questions is this: Where did I go wrong? How can I fix this without breaking other functionality such as Hyperlinks?


      Thanks for your help!