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    License for edge server



      I'm using AMS ver 5.

      I want to run server-side scripted application (for custome authentication logic) and my server is origin / edge structure.

      I bought AMS Standard Licence for these servers, but I met the following error.


      2014-03-12 00:11:30 12763 (e)2651379 (_defaultRoot_, _defaultVHost_) : Application (mylive) is not a valid signed application; loading access denied. -


      Then I think that i have to buy Professional License.


      My Questions are

      1. Is this correct? Do I have to buy professional licenses to write custom server-side script (like main.asc)?

      2. If so, do I have to buy professional licenses not only for origins, but also for all edge servers?  In other words, does my app can run with Professional License on origins, and Standard Licence on edges? Professional License is so expensive than standard, and I have many edge servers, so I don't want to buy professional licenses for my all servers.