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    Subscibing to a thread without answering it

    CTM Dan

      Is there a way not to respond to a thread in this forum and yet be able to subscribe to it?


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          CTM Dan Level 1
          To anyone else who may be interested,

          I finally realized where my problem lied:
          I tend to consult the forum without bothering to log on.
          Whenever I want to post something, then I log on.

          When one is logged off, the "Subscribe to this topic" item is not displayed.
          When one is logged on, this and other options are displayed.

          Answering is not the triggering event but logging on.
          Very obvious, but had not thought of it.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Dan

            There exists another way you might like a bit better. The link below should transport you to a page on my RoboWizard site where you can download some forum tips. One tip is labeled Setting a forum up to send you E-Mail messages
            . Take a peek at it and see if it makes sense. If not, post back and we will try harder.

            Click here to visit the appropriate RoboWizard page

            *NOTE: You can only be subscribed to ONE forum at a time. This is why I use two different forum IDs (Captiv8r and RoboWizard) because each ID has a unique E-Mail address. This way I can subscribe to both the Captivate and RoboHelp forums to monitor activity.

            Sincerely... Rick
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              CTM Dan Level 1
              Hello Rick.

              Downloaded .zipped version of your .chm file and took a peek at it. Wow. Will use it to better make use of now Adobe forums. I see it seems to be possible to access various forums directly from it. That is an interesting feature on many counts.

              Thanks pointing this tool and to me, and for having developped it!