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    RH copies project-external images into output -- how to stop this?


      Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


      One of our projects has four WebHelp output folders. Each one contains subfolders for images, videos, and pdfs -- resources referenced within the topics.


      Our client has asked us to centralize these resources into a single folder so that these files -- especially large ones like videos -- don't need to have multiple redundant copies hosted on their servers.  So the top level folder structure that we deliver to the client should be:












      In the source, I now reference these types of files using "../../resources/videos/<filename>".  This relative path points to a folder outside the main RH project folder ("resources" is a sibling of the project folder).


      In the case of videos and pdfs, everything works as expected. The videos and pdfs aren't copied into the output folder.


      But RoboHelp continues to copy all images into the output folder...into the *parent* output folder, not an "images" subfolder below it.


      Is there a way to prevent RH from doing this?  I am using RoboHelp 10.


      Thank you!

      --David DeBoe