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    Keyboard HotKeys

    doctorsney Level 1

      hi there,


      I've been digging round the hotkey customisation text document for a couple days which frankly is a crap way to be customising stuff, but anyway, I want to make specific things happen but I need some help from you guys with the syntax please.


      I like the "OpenMiniFlowPopup" to be mapped to the right shift key like it has been on previous versions of AE.  However I couldn't work out how to specify the 'shift' key, left or right as my target key.  Just writing it as


      "OpenMiniFlowPopup" = "(Shift)"


      Did not seem to work.  Please explain how to map it to a shift key, preferably the right shift key if it can be specific.


      So I mapped it to the Space Bar which was great until I realised that I always use the space bar to toggle the hand tool and move menu's and the picture frame around quickly.  I never use the space bar to play the comp (I mean who does? it plays it without sound which sucks it's a garbabge function, to me at least, I always preview with the Keypad '0').  But I don't know which command designates the spacebar as the Tap_To_Play_Sequence/Hold_To_Toggle_Hand_Tool so if you could explain that, that would be great. 


      Please don't just explain how to set defaults again, I actually want to learn what all these commands are and how it seems to have 2 functions on the 'Space' key etc.


      The main reason I got into this in the first place was to specifically map keys for EasyEase's and TimeReverseKeyframes, the latter is criminal in it's omission IMHO as it's one of my most used functions in quickly reversing transitions that I've built.


      Other than that, If anyone reading this would like to collaborate on building a good interface for manipulating hotkeys in AE then I'm interested in being part of that.