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    Conserving Tags


      How can I reinstitute tags after editing an established PDF in Word then resaving to PDF?


      I need a way to avoid having to redo the tags each time.

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          a C student Level 3

          How are you "resaving" to PDF from Word? If you use the PDF Creator plug-in, and have the "Enable Accessibility and Reflow with tagged PDF" setting checked in PDF Creator Preferences, and your document passes the Word accessiblity checker, then Word should do a decent job of creating the tags for you. There will still be a need for some touch-up work on the document structure and properties if you need WCAG 2.0 or ISO 14289 compliance, but in my experience using Word 2010 and Acrobat XI on PC, the tags straight out of Word get you most of the way there.


          Hope this helps.


          a 'C' student

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            asfaith Level 1

            technically the term is 'TEXT FIELDS' and while it will populate the TFIELDS it takes A TON of time to get them perfect and I was wondering if I could, flobt (for lack of better term), copy and paste them all at one time and they paste into a newly created pdf EXACTLY how they were before I made the changes

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              Ah, ok, PDF uses "tags" to mean something entirely different and very complicated.

              Technically, you mean form fields.


              These are pretty straightforward.

              1. You have an old PDF with form fields (OLD.PDF). Open it.

              2. Save as NEW.PDF.

              3. Make your new PDF without form fields, called NEWTEMP.PDF. (Do not keep round tripping to Word and back, that is destructive and awkward. Keep the original, edit, remake the PDF. You NEVER go from PDF to Word unless the original is absolutely lost and backups were eaten by termites).

              4. Use Tools > Pages > Replace or Document > Replace Pages on NEW.PDF. Choose NEWTEMP.PDF. Hey presto! New content, old fields.

              5. Save NEW.PDF.