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    Dynamic text changes back to initial text on keyframes

      Ok, this one should be simple.. I have a dynamic text field, let's call that dynTxt, inside a movie clip called text_mc. Now the text_mc is contained inside an animation_mc that fades the text_mc in and out. When I change the dynTxt.text in my script to "new value", the "old value" is displayed back again when the animation_mc reaches the next keyframe.. My brains are quite slow today so please share yours! Thanks..
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          If I understand you right the problem may be one that I relized I had done once when first learning how to use flash ...

          You create a new dynamic textbox on the first keyframe adding "old value"

          You then right click on the last keyframe in your animation and (insert keyframe) this copies the dynamic textbox into the last frame with "old value" in it

          Then you go back to the first keyframe and change your textbox to "new value"

          The last keyframe will still hold the "old value" because it was copied from the first keyframe before it had "new value" in it

          To fix this go to the last keyframe and simply add "new value" into to it

          I hope im on the right lines, if not then Im sorry if this sounds simple to you :-)

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            mr.eddy Level 1
            Thanks for your reply!

            However I am changing the value with actionscript, and controlling the animation with frame labels. So let's say that I have a movieclip with the name "myMc" and inside it a second movieclip "innerMc", which has a dynamic text field with the name of "dynTxt". I have two animations for the text I want to use, called "on" and "off". Now I create the animations in myMc and set appropriate frame labels from where the animations start.

            Then I start with actionscript and place myMc on the stage, after which I say myMc.innerMc.dynTxt.text = "new value"; . Now I want to bring the text in so I say myMc.gotoAndPlay("on"). But... as soon as the animation hits the first keyframe the text is back to its initial value.