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    Save printer setting with document?


      How can I make a document retain or save the last used printer preset setting instead of reselecting it from the dropdown preset list each time I print the document?

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Documents retain the last used settings on a per document basis. (It seems more useful that a b/w doc always retain b/w; letter size print on letter; etc. Many would be frustrated to find their tabloid color poster document printing on letter size paper in grayscale if a draft letter were the last document printed)

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            GLCitizen Level 1

            Actually, that is exactly what I'm looking for: I want the document to retain the settings last used for that particular document. Right now, even after I save the document after printing it with a particular saved print preset (ie. 'Letter Grayscale'), when I reopen that same file and proceed to print, the preset is set as [Default] and not 'Letter Grayscale'

            This is occuring in a newly installed InDesign CS5.5 on a new computer with Windows 7. I did not experience this issue in my previous setups with CS2 and CS4 (on XP) where the last used printer settings were always saved with the document.

            Any additional insight?