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    How do you select a date range?


      I've created a web app listing Exhibits. The custom fields include Start Date {tag_releasedate}and End Date {tag_expirydate}. I want to create one page listing current exhibits, one listing future exhibits, and one listing past exhibits. How do I select content based on the date range? I can place the tags on the list Layout, but how do I filter them by date range before they are served to the client browser?

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          No responses? Let me try to explain better.


          I have a web app called Exhibits with two custom date fields: 'Open Date' and 'Close Date'. I would like to create three pages with list views. One for Current Exhibits, one for Past Exhibits, and one for Future Events. Is that even possible with BC? Seems like it should be simple. Can I create a list based on custom field-content parameters?