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    Using Cloud on 3 devices

    JamieDnm Level 1

      The CC licence allows 2 devices per account - does that mean two simultaneously, or just two full stop?


      Basically, I have an iMac at home, a MacBook Pro for on the road and a Mac Pro in the office. Can I use my CC licence across all 3 devices (by deactivating one to activate another), or are there restrictions, such as not being able to activate a third device for 24 hours etc?



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          Rajesh15 Adobe Employee

          Hi JDnm,


          You may install software on up to two computers. These two computers can be Windows, Mac OS, or one each and use one at a time its not to use simultaneously.


          If you install on a third computer, it will request you to de-activate on the other two computers.  You can then reactivate one of the previous two computers, and use Creative Cloud apps on it.


          If you regularly need to use the Creative Cloud on more than two computers then it would be best to purchase an additional subscription.  This is the same licensing btw which we have for our prepetual product.  An advantage though for Creative Cloud over the prepetural product is that you can install on Mac and Windows with the same subscription!