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    Using an audio clip to control the Timeline


      I have a composition which has two peices of VO. Each has an associated text block.


      I want to play the first VO when the first text is clicked. Then, when the VO ends, I want the first text block to fade out, the second to fade in and play the second VO when tapped.


      I have the timeline set up with labels to play through the transitions at the end of the first VO. No issues there.


      I have the audio playing when I click on the text blocks. All good.


      However, I do not know how to make the timeline wait for the audio clip to end before playing.


      This is the code for the first text block:






      This plays the audio but also plays the timeline instantly (so the text blocks fade from one to the other as soon as the audio starts).


      I figure I need some sort of code in between which says, essentially, 'wait until the audio finishes then [play timeline]'. But as much i have searched I cannot find anything to do that.



      Thanks for your help...