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    Getting up to speed developing desktop apps

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      I've got a CC subscription, and I thought I might dip into Flash Builder to try and create some desktop apps.


      My programming background: Expert ExtendScript developer (I write commercial InDesign scripts). I also have a good knowledge of C++, and some knowledge of C#.NET programming.




      (1) Writing desktop apps using Flash Builder seems interesting, because I noticed that recently (?) it is possible to package them as standalone apps that do not even require AIR to be installed on the user's system. However, I am not familiar with ActionScript 3 or Flex. And these days, HTML5 seems to be gaining a strong footing. So, do you think it is worthwhile for a beginner to start learning ActionSCript 3.0 and Flex at this stage, or stick to HTML 5 (however, I don't know of any way of creating desktop apps with HTML5).


      (2) If it is worthwhile learning ActionScript 3.0 and Flex to create desktop apps, can you recommend a book that will get me up to speed quickly? I notice that most of the books were published 4 years ago, and I guess that a lot has changed since then. Even on the Adobe site, the tutorials I've come across about building a UI all assume that Designer mode still exists, but obviously that is not the case with Flash Builder as currently available on a CC subscription. So what book or resource would you recommend?


      (3) If I've made any assumptions in the above statements and questions which you feel are incorrect, or if you feel I'm asking the wrong questions, please enlighten me.




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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          1) Flex continues on at Apache.  I think it will be around for a while, maybe forever if we can make progress on the next generation of Flex that doesn't require Flash.


          I think Cordova/PhoneGap will let you do some sort of desktop app in HTML5.


          Investigate both and try both, and see which one you like better.  For sure, more folks are hiring HTML5 knowledgable people these days.


          2) Join the users@flex.apache.org mailing list and ask there.  There is more activity there and folks will suggest ways to learn.

          Yes, most books are old, but that's because not too much has changed in terms of workflow and API over the past 2 years.  But there are new components and more bugs fixed in the Apache Flex releases.

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thanks Flex harUI,


            I'll look into the things you mention.