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    Noise in viewed images


      I have been getting a lot of noise in an image when I open it in PhotoShop CC. The image is clear before opening it in CC. Is there a preference setting or something that would cause this?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          There's a lot you haven't said, including just how you're opening the image..


          Ideally, could you post a screen grab showing the noisy image next to the one "before opening it in CC"?



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            elements10user Level 1

            The image on the left is straight out of the camera into ACR and has a lot of noise. The image on the right was opened prior to PSCC in Irfanview and doesn't have much, if any, noise.noise inPS.jpg

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              Level 7

              Those are 2 different images, and the one on the right is blurry (out of focus, or misprocessed).

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                I'm not sure whether Chris means that Irfan View is reading the embedded JPEG, which was processed in-camera complete with whatever noise reduction the camera is doing, and not the raw data.


                You'll need to dial-out the Sharpening amount (currently set to 25%) and dial in some luminance sharpneing in order to match the smoothness of the in-camera processed JPEG.


                You should understand that Camera Raw, without some configuration by you, doesn't strive to match the in-camera processing at all.



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                  elements10user Level 1

                  The imbedded jpg is there to show that the image doesn't have a noise problem unless  it is viewed on MY comptuer in Adobe PhotoShop.. This happens with other photograpers jpg images on MY computer. I am asking why is the noise is viewed on MY computer and not on anyone else's computer? The reason I am here is that someone looked at their perfectly clear jpg on MY computer and it showed a lot of noise that it didn't have on THEIR computer in Lightroom. It's not just my poorly exposed and processed images!

                  Why does Adobe automatically show noise?

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    The qustion you should be asking is, "Why does Adobe automatically dial in 25% sharpening and 0% noise reduction in Camera Raw?"


                    The noise is already there in the images.  It's just being enhanced by the sharpening and not reduced by noise redution.  The camera applies quite a lot of noise reduction in its internal image processing.


                    You have control - take it and make the image into something better than it is using the various settings.  That's what raw processing is all about.


                    If you'd like to have your JPEG images open exactly as they are opened by Irfan View, browsers, etc., you can tell Camera Raw not to be involved with opening JPEGs.





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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Here is a 20 minute explanation about sharpening and noise-reduction in LR5:



                      The first 9 minutes are explaining about the sharpening using a gray-bar image with an edge.  After that point, there are real-world photos.


                      Full screen with the highest quality your Internet connection can handle would be the best. 


                      Keep in mind that his images are relatively low ISO.  Yours is higher so you'll need different settings.