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    Flash windows/panels on external monitor reset when deselecting then reselecting Flash

    Szmitty Level 1

      Flash cs6

      iMac with Mac OS 10.9.2


      I just purchased an external monitor for my iMac. I have it connected via VGA chord to minidisplay port and my menu bar (dock etc) is set to the iMac. I have set up Flash cs6 to have a floating window panel with Properties, Library, Color and Transform. I drag this floating window over to the external moniter and it works great. If I select a program that is not flash and then go back to flash, the floating window is reset back to the iMac screen (it's still floating and includes all the panels).


      I have to redrag the floating panel back to the external monitor any time I switch programs or use the finder, is there any way I can keep those floating panels on the external?