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    AVI video playback too slow

      I have been working on a large project that includes about 100 video files.
      I've been able to complete this project, thanks to the help of many people from this forum.

      I finally burned the project onto a DVD yesterday, and everything worked properly.
      However, on the pages that included video files, there was a noticeable wait when the videos were loading.

      All the video is in AVI format and was imported to Quicktime in the project.

      I know that playback from a cd or dvd is usually slower, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to attempt to speed up this process.

      Any input will be helpful.
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          Best thing to do is check what data rate the videos are. Compare that to the speed of the drive you are playing back on. Also make sure the video files are in the root directory, or in a folder not too deep so that your application doesn't have to search for them for too long. If you are playing back on Windows machines only, it might be worth importing as AVI rather than QuickTime to make it a bit smoother.

          Also have a look at the video cast member options inside director - uncheck any that say "preload" or similar and check any that say "streaming" or similar.

          Hope that helps. The bottom line is that the smaller the filesize and data rate of the video, the faster it will run. If you practice with some video software, you will be able to reduce both of these whilst retaining video quality - but be carefull not to use a codec that is not available on your playback machine(s).