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    unable to update flash player on android tablet


      I have two android tablets.  one, recently acquired is an iRola DX 752.  Trying to play flash games on pogo.com - I am told the flash player is out of date.   When I click on update, I get to the adobe games and apps store.   I am not allowed to update flash player as adobe seems more intent on my purchasing games than updating my software.   I never have this issue on a real computer, desktop or laptop.


      This tablet is running ver 4.2.2.   I don't know what version of Chrome is installed since chrome tells me it is out of date but won't tell me the version.   I can't update the chrome browser because they also want me to buy games and apps and won't allow me to update the browser unless I do.


      My other tablet has the same issue.


      all in all this has not been a salutory experience.


      Additionally, I was forced to reset my password to adobe and then RE-sign in after attempting to post a question as I have just done above.


      Not good customer service in my opinion.