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    Can't play large video(over 4100px width)




      I try to deliver a large video from Adobe Media Server 5.0.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 over RTMP, but it doesn't work good.


      As a trial, I create two mp4 video files, differ by the size (4095px and 4100px in width) from a video source.

      The smaller one is played normally in flash video player ,but the other one isn't.


      When the larger video is played, the video screen become uniformly green in spite of the elapsed time displayed counting up.

      (the controllers such as play/pause button and seek bar work normally.)


      I want to deliver videos over 5000px in width. Can i do it?

      If there is a limits on size of video, could you tell me a reference or a help file that describe the spec.