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    A talking picture using CC Split


      Ok, I newbie needs a bit of help.


      I took a picture of my grandson and wanted to animated it by having the mouth open and close syncing to a small .mp3 file.  It works great, but the mouth only opens just a fraction.  How can I make it open wider when he is talking?


      Thank you so much for any help.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I'm not certain of this, but give it a shot: you might be able to type in values beyond the slider control's maximum, and things will be fine.  If not, have you considered a different kind of animation?  A Terry-Gilliam-Monty-Python-style of animation, perhaps?


          And another question: when you do get the mouth open as wide as you want, what are people going to see where the lips part?


          And some advice: use a different application to convert the mp3 to either a wav or aiff file.  After Effects isn't exactly partial to compressed audio like mp3's.

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            Dla17302 Level 1

            Hi Dave,


            Thanks for responding.  Not to sound too naive, I found this video on youtube from a 12 year old kid.





            So the picture already has a boy with his lips partially opened.  When using that split effect, you place the markers at the crease in the mouth, so it knows where the joint is.  When you set it up, you can open the mouth as wide as you want, but it doesn't matter because it only opens so far.


            If you follow that youtube video step by step, works perfect except the mouth doesn't open too wide.