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    How can I restore deleted file attachments from further back than the history tool will let me go?


      I have a open form that collects registration information from customers, including documents and images that they can upload using file attachment fields.  Back on 2/24 I inadvertently deleted the several hundree responses that the form had collected up until that point.  Using the history tool, I accessed older, intact versions of the form, selected the deleted rows, and copy/pasted them back into the latest verskon of the document.  It seemed to work fine, but I didn't look closely enough to see that the attachments had been lost.  The file referenvces were still there, but they had little red exclamation marks next to them and couldn't be opened.


      A couple week later, I discovered this and tried to go back into the form's hsitory again until before that accident on 2/24.  However, I can no longer go back in time that far.  The system only seems to let me go back around 10 days.


      We need to recover the lost file attachmentrs.  Is there  a self-service way for me to restore my form back to 2/24, including file attachments?  If not, could an Adobe supprrt technician hele me to do that?


      Thank you