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    How do you create sprite reference in javascript format?

      I am a flash developer who is new to director. I am using java script syntax. I have done a bit of looking around with no luck, I assume I am missing something obvious.

      I declare a global array and try to add sprite references to it. Basically like I used to do in ActionScript in Flash.

      _global.fieldArrayFindAName_G = new Array();

      _global.fieldArrayFindAName_G[0] = _movie.sprite["_txtDonorField0"];

      trace(_movie.sprite["_txtDonorField0"]); // Message window shows <(sprite 6)>
      trace(_global.fieldArrayFindAName_G[0]); // Message window shows <(sprite 6)>

      // Crash here --> script error property not found #text
      _global.fieldArrayFindAName_G[varLoop].text = "";

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.