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    Library project errors and imports of projects using them


      So this is something that I have put up with in FB for a long time now, but I decided to try doing some research today to see if there is a workaround as it is very annoying. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything.


      I attempted to file a bug/feature request, but it turns out that for some unknown reason FB is the only Adobe application that gives a link to another url (http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/) and, today at least, the link is dead so I have to post here instead.


      The problem is with library projects (which I love by the way). I use them a great deal and for more than just creating standalone APIs. As do many others, I like to have the core of many of my cross-platform projects in a library so that I can create other ‘harness’ projects for different runtimes and use the same bulk code. This way I can just write code in each master project that is particular to that runtime be it air or web or whatever - this is a great bit of functionality that I would really miss were it not there.


      As a result of this workflow however, I am often working in the library project directly in order to update all versions of a project. The problem arises when there is an error in the library project. When this happens, all the projects reading from the library lose all linkages to the swc and as a result the problem tab fills up with hundreds of problems that don’t exist, because as far as those projects are now concerned the swc no longer exists.


      Now I understand why this happens but surely FB could be made to understand what is going on and override (what I assume is) the compiler’s behaviour, and just not display these errors.


      This whole thing is exacerbated by (and may not even be that big a problem where it not for) the fact that I am forced to turn off 'build automatically' due to the 4.7 crash bug that has been reported here numerous times. Because of this I tend to write large chunks of code between each compile so I don't instantly know what has broken.


      Please save the feature that I enjoy so much by either getting FB to deal with the situation better or by fixing the crash bug so I can use ‘build automatically’ again… or god forbid… fix both!! I can dream. J


      If anyone has any good tips regarding this please let me know.


      Many thanks,