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    Javascript security


      Is it possible to create an interactive pdf form that will permit the user to fill the form, add rows to tables, etc, while at the same time preventing the user from changing the javascript code behind the form?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Just use standard password security and set the security restrictions to allow form filling.

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            twgard Level 1

            Thank you.   I initially thought it was necessary to password protect

            the entire document, but I see now that I can place a separate password

            on access to the code without requiring a password to open and fill the

            document.  That's helpful.

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              IsakTen Level 4

              Remember that all Adobe products enforce permissions in PDFs they process, but 3rd party PDF Viewers may not comply. There are actually Web services that remove permissions from PDFs. If your users use Adobe Reader you are fine, but there is no guarantee that someone would not try to circumvent restrictions.

              You can certify your form setting permissions on certification. This is a more robust method, although the set of permissions when you certify a PDF in Acrobat is quite limited. LifeCycle provides a more granular permissions handling but it is also a very expensive solution which makes sense only when you create many-many PDFs.

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                twgard Level 1

                important considerations.  thank you!