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    Repeating Row clears calculation


      Good morning all;


      I have a subform with repeating rows. Robert was kind enough to give me the code for calculating subtotals.


      When I adapted the code for my form, I have an issue.


      The first line does fine, and the calculations total as they should. When I click the button to add the second row, the calculated box clears.


      This is the adapted code:


      var decTotal = 0;


      for i = 0 upto Table1._Row1.count - 1 step 1 do


                var strCash = xfa.resolveNode(Concat("Table1.Row1[", i, "].FundList")).rawValue


                if (strCash eq "1") then

             decTotal = decTotal + xfa.resolveNode(Concat("Table1.Row1[", i, "].Cell9")).rawValue






      FundList is a dropdown with bound values.


      I've been over it several times and cannot figure out where I'm going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!