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    Fixed and nonfixed instructional text in a text box

    Efe Level 1

      I need a text box for a title. In default title should say: Project Snapshot: <project name here>


      When I click the box <project name here> should be gone but Project Snapshot: should stay there and I can enter the name.


      I've tried to put Project Snapshot: as a different text outside the box and just put the <project name here> into the box but if name exceeds the box it should resize the font. However while it gets smaller, Project Snapshot: stays the same and that looks ugly. That's why I want to put Project Snapshot: into the box and make it smaller as the input exceeds width. That also helps me to get the whole box centered to the page. Here's the code I use to hide <project name here> in the box but I can't figure out how to make Project Snapshot: stay fixed.


      var message = '<project name here>'


      if (event.value == '') {


          event.value = message


      } else {


          event.target.display = display.visible




      Using Acrobat Professional XI