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    Numbered List Lv3 out of sequence.

    Precise Formwork Level 1

      I'll try to keep this brief : Here is a link to the live file, greatful of any guidance as it has me stumped at the moment.


      The list was going great on all three levels until level 8.2.2 (that's what it should show), but I am showing 6.2.1. I'm pretty sure I have all the correct levelled Paragraph Styles.


      This video shows the gist of it. One thing I have noticed is when clicking on the 8.2.1 (the last correct numbering in the list) the option 'clear overrides in selection' is available from the Paragraph Styles window.

      This is not available on the faulty 6.2.1. so I'm hoping this is playing an important role.


      I tried adding another Paragraph Style and resetting that number but what's really strange is that it stays on 6.2.1. and I can't see the point of creating another paragraph style on whilst staying on level 3.