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    Uninstalling Trial Version

      What is the procedure for completely uninstalling the trial version of Director MX 2004? I uninstalled the expired trial version by dragging the files to the trash, then installed the program from a CDROM. But the CDROM version won't launch -- it acts as if I'm trying to launch the now-expired trial version (which is no longer on the drive) and won't accept the CDROM version's serial numbers to get through that screen. TIA ...
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          Once a trial version has expired it's expired. If it were as simple as
          trashing it and re-installing then why bother with a timeout on the
          trial version?
          Perhaps it's time to purchase? Or are you having trouble with the
          purchased version accepting the serial number you bought?
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            jhamster Level 1
            I think something must not have been clear from my original post. The CD-ROM version is a full purchased version, I wasn't trying to reinstall a trial (I know MM products don't work that way). Anyway after trashing MM prefs completely from my system and getting rid of all traces of the trial installer, the CD-ROM installed and ran just fine, so no worries. Thanks for the attempt to help, though.