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    Book with 1 chapter made of 2 files: sub-chapter number (4.x) does not continue in next document

    MathPoli Level 1

      I have an ID-book made out of 10 InDesign documents. Everything is fine, but one thing.


      One of the chapters (#4) is made out of two ID documents: "chapter4a.indd“ and "chapter4b.indd". The chapter number, which is automatically given by the book, is correct: 4. But the numbering of the next below level (4.x) is wrong. In the file „chapter4a.indd“ I have the sub-chapters 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. But in the „chapter4b.indd“ it starts yet again with 4.1 instead of 4.4.


      Where is the mistake?


      Merging the two ID files "chapter4a.indd“ and "chapter4b.indd" into one is not an option, unfortunately.


      Is it possible to let the sublevel chapter number (4.x) continue after the ID-document change or does it start always at ".1" once again because it's in a new document?


      Thanks for any help!