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    Using signature field properties

    MatLac Level 3

      I'm trying to script some parameters for checking the status of required fields before signing a document.  I'm fine with the validation part but I need help on understanding the signature field properties.


      I'm thinking about the focus event for triggering the validation but I don't want it to trigger if the user is trying to remove his signature.  so I need to check if the field is UNsigned

      Reading through the SDK, I think the status property of the SignatureInfo object is what I'm looking for.  I need help to understand how it works and maybe a simple example like:


      if (signatureInfo.status == 0){

      function validate;


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          MatLac Level 3

          var sign = this.getField("OPE003.SIGN");
          var status = sign.signatureInfo().status;

          if (status == "0"){
          //do stuff



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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Where do you want to place the script, exactly? You should be able to just check the value property of the signature field.

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              MatLac Level 3

              Since the signature field doesn't have a calculate event, I placed the script in the calculate event of an invisible text field nearby.


              Instead of using the status property of the signatureInfo() object, I stuck with the basics:


              if (this.getField("signaturefield").value == this.getField("signaturefield").defaultValue){

              //do stuff;



              To adress the problem that I had, I created a button to trigger the validation script, and upon a successful validation, that button is hidden and replaced with the signature field.


              the calculate script that I have looks for the value of the signature field, if it is defaultValue(empty), it hides the signature field and brings back the button.