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    Information about AE on laptop with monitor


      Anyone know what it would be like editing on a decent laptop whilst using a 1080p monitor would be like. I am thinking of doing all the main editing on the laptop and using the monitor as a screen to see the ram previews in fullscreen. Anyone know if this will work? Thanks 

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just so you know, "editing" is what you do in Premiere, Avid, or Final Cut. It is the act of cutting shots together to tell a story.


          After Effects is used to create shots. Compositing, Animation, Motion Graphics; these are things that After Effects does. Now, you could actually edit with After Effects, but it would be very painful.


          I think your plan is a decent one. (Although, you may not be able to get it totally full screen). I would recommend not using a laptop at all though. For AE, you want a lot of processing power and you get a lot more power for your money with a desktop or a workstation.