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    movicClip._visible = not working

      In my constructor I attach my move (which exists in my lib) and I hide it.

      m_parent_mc["vod_info"]._visible = false;

      As key events I have set:

      function onKeyDown():Void{
      var keyCode:Number = Key.getCode();

      switch( keyCode ){
      case Key.SPACE: /* Show the vod_info */
      m_parent_mc["vod_info"]._visible = true;

      case Key.BACKSPACE: /* Hide the vod_info */
      m_parent_mc["vod_info"]._visible = false;

      My problem is nothing happens at all, and I don't know why. I know the movie clip is inere from this:
      Movie Clip: Target="_level0.vod_info

      Can I use
      _level0.vod_info._visible = true; ??

      Also, my trace() function stopped working, It no longer produces output. Any one know how to turn it on ?

      Am I doing this properly ?

      Thanx all, I've already learned so much from these forums.