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    Why can't I reset my trial like you offered?

    RebekahVanWinkle Level 1

      I got this email from you stating that you had reset the clock on trial versions - http://view.mail.adobesystems.com/?j=fec716787d61047c&m=fe9d157073640c7e75&ls=fe2215797363 037e731072&l=ff971272&s=fe2315727261077f7d1c78&jb=ff3715737467&ju=fe8f167474600c787d&r=0


      There is no update button on the Creative Cloud, and when I try to uninstall and reinstall the creative cloud, it still says my trial has expired. I tried contacting customer support, but they won't help since it's an issue with the trial.


      Other people have asked this question on the forum and no one has helped. Why send an offer if you aren't going to back it up?