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    Creative Cloud, need help - ! I am 73 but often 5 yrs old when it comes to this, can't find how to


      First problem,  I noticed with my CS6 Photoshop,  was not working properly (dropper didn't pick up color in my image to continue painting/air brush and only worked if I clicked on color swatches and then.....wouldn't even do that.   I have seen - drop down: install Creative Cloud for Photoshop....my mistake,  used wrong password -- just put in a new password 15 mins ago,  and now ? where do I find the - link - to click,  to install ?  (this is the monthly subscription) Also to note: I just had cataract surgery a week ago and was not able<<< to get this message sent till now tho I've been paying for this - I think - it's a week now.   I have to admit that I am really a dumb dumb at times (like this) but it's harder too because I can't see YET so well.....sorry fo bother you !  thank you,  Cynthia D. Ward  Sonoma, CA