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    Sign tools disabled after applying extended features to document.

    ac_223mal Level 1

      I have a form that I need to be able to save date typed into the fillable fields and I also need to sign this document.  I need to sign the document using the sign tools panel, so that I can apply a ink signature and use the Signed. Proceed to Send feature.  This way I can save a flattend copy of the form after it has been filled in and signed.  If I do not enable extended features I am able to use the Sign tools paned, but I am not able to save a copy.  If I enable extended features, I can not use the Sign tools panel and can only sign from the Extended tools.  The problem is this takes away the ability to use the Signed. Proceed to Send feature.  When I click on the Sign tool button I get a warning telling me "The security setting on this document prevents adding and/or placing a signature on it from Adobe Reader." 


      I don't need to use the digital signature feature, I need to be able to have three people apply a ink signature to a form, and then be able to flatten the form.