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    Streamin wmv within director

      We have a wmv file on a streaming server. In director a link to this file is imported and placed on the stage. There is no code in the director movie. This file is published to a shockwave file on the following location: http://www.pienterepeuter.nl/pls/portal/docs/PAGE/PPP_CONTENT/Cast_Libraries/TST_WMV.htm

      (please do report also correct behaviour!)

      The problem:
      in Internet Explorer 6.0.2900 this file won't play when the mousecursor is on top of the white area during the movieload. When the window is deactivated and activated using the right mouse button in the taskbar, then the video will play.

      This problem does not occur in Firefox

      We used Director 10.1.1 to create the file.

      Does anybody know what is going on?