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    Editing captions


      My video uses captions/text/titles during playback to elucidate points I want to make.  To do this, I need several captions/text/titles with various text content throughout the video.  When I edit a caption, all captions end up with the same text; that is every caption's text content is overwritten with new text content when editing any of the captions.

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          nealeh Level 5

          That's probably because you've copied and pasted - which creates another instance of the same text. i.e. alter one and all the copies change. You can drag from the Titles & Text to create a new unique instance of a Title. Or, in Project Assets right-click one of the texts and select 'Duplicate' - this creates a new unique instance of text that you can drag to the timeline and edit independently.


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            Lucasofmn Level 1

            Thank you!  I did indeed use copy/paste to try to preserve the format of

            the caption.


            Will try your suggestions.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Neale provided the workflow for using an existing Title, but creating (Duplicating) a new, separate Title from it. To explain what you encountered, you were creating Instances of the one Title. They are all linked, so a change to one, would affect all Instances of that Title. That can be useful, if a Title is used multiple times, and then a change needs to be made. However, in your situation, the Duplicate is the key. In Premiere Pro, the process is "New Title Based on Existing," but that directly translates to the Duplicate in PrE.


              Thanks Neale,