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    How to select a range of frames

    seattledoug Level 1

      Is there any way to select a range of frames in Scout beyond dragging the little handles in the "Frame timeline window" or using "Ctrl-A" to select all?


      For a large trace having to drag the handles is very tedious if it's across a minute's worth of frames, but we don't want to select them all.


      What we're looking for is like the "Goto Frame" option in the menu, but to select a start and end frame that way.  Not just jump to the frame.

      Or the ability to click in the Frame timeline window to set the start/end frame, without grabbing and dragging a handle (which may be way off screen).


      Is there some way to do this?


      Or is there any way to select a frame range in the overall frame summary window above the timeline?