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      Hi, I am having trouble publishing my pages, and don't know where to turn. I do know I don't want to pay $99 to get tech support! I am publishing my own website, from my own personal iBook. I am the only one with access. Everything was fine, I would occasionally get "access denied," but if I tried again, it would work the second time. I recently changed servers, and now I can't get on at all. i confirmed that all my connection settings are correct - the path to the correct server, the username, and the password. At first, I was able to keep re-clicking publish and it would eventually go through. SO I KNOW IT WORKS. My most recent pages to my homepage are, in fact, on my website. But now, every single time I click, I get "access denied, file may not exist or there may be a permission problem."

      What do I do? The tech support at my website host replies to my emails in monosyllabic utterances, and has been no help.

      There must be something wrong in my settings. Please help!
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          Puzzeler Level 1
          I am having similar problems at one site. I have been told that it probably has to do with port blocking by the ISP but I haven't confirmed that. I can access the site and publish fine from my office, but the client cannot publish consistenly from his office which is on a municipal network and servered by a private ISP.