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    After Effects CC: 3D Camera Tracker - No Render Points [HELP]


           So I edit Call Of Duty videos and uplaod them to youtube, i always use the 3D Camera Tracker and it usually works perfectly. But, i recently reset my computer and re-donwloaded After Effects, and now my Camera Tracker is Analyzing AND Solving the footage with no errors, but after its done solving no render points come up unless i check "Render Track Points" in the Effects and Controls Window, and if i do that none of the Track Points are clickable. I made sure it is in Full res, the footage layer is selected, and the 3D Camera Tracker fx is selected and turned on in the Effects and Presets window. I get no errors at all and no "Unable To Solve For This Frame" error, so the footage should be able to be tracked, right? Please Help! D:



      Bigger Picture here: http://gyazo.com/879f04e12458d7b0663a170e20de38c6