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    Moved page no longer displays Master Page elements.


      After moving a page in my document the master page elements no longer display on screen or in print. If I move the page to a different location in the document the master displays but if it is in the specific position that it needs to be it will not display. The document has multiple Masters and others do work on the page but the one that I need will not. I've tried deleting the page and adding a new one and that does not fix the problem. I've checked and "Hide Master Items" is not checked. The page in question is in position 48 with F-Master applied. If I move it to position 49 it works, 50, it works, 51, or any other it works. If I apply a different master to the page, it works. If I delete the page, add a new page and apply F-Master it still does not work. The only page that this problem is happening on is page 48.