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      Came back to Cloud and found I'm now 'enrolled' in Behance... which I absolutely do NOT want.


      I've checked Preferences, but there's no obvious way to turn this thing off... does anyne know where the OFF switch is?

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          sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee




          To delete your account, please login to Behance.net your account and visit the Privacy Tab within your Account Settings (http://www.behance.net/account/privacy).



          The Behance Team

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            iDesign Level 1

            Unfortunately, Behance is insisting I finish my profile before even letting me into account settings to get rid of it!


            Do NOT like how this is evolving... I'm a 20 year user and customer of Adobe... being treated horribly!!!

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              sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

              Hi Susanne - I don't see any account connected to your email address. Was there a different email address you used to create the account? I can try to delete this for you if so.


              Otherwise, there is no account under your email address.

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                iDesign Level 1

                Under my Creative Cloud it says I am Linked to Behance.


                I never signed up for Bhance.


                I do NOT want to be linked to it.


                In fact, I have always purchased software, so that I would NEVER be linked to anything 'out there'.


                I am only using Adobe's Creative Cloud becuase they haven't released MUSE for purchase... everything else Adobe that I use, I OWN.


                Forcing a default link that I can't cancel or get rid of it just WRONG!

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                  sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

                  Hello - if you didn't take any action to signup for Behance, then you don't have an account, we would not make one on your behalf.


                  if you can send me a screenshot of where it says "linked to Behance," I'd be happy to take a look and see what might be going on.



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                    iDesign Level 1

                    Instead, I'll just review whether MUSE is worth anything to me and whether I should just close the account entirely.


                    Sorry... annoyed.

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                      sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

                      Hello - sorry to hear that you're frustrated. I'd be happy to help you close this issue out if you can provide me the info I requested. I'll reach out separately and see if we can clear this one up!

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                        iDesign Level 1

                        Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.35.04 AM.png


                        Hey Sarah… appreciate you trying!


                        Did you change anything?


                        I signed out of Creative Cloud when I posted my last message and upon signing in now, it looks different than it has the few times I logged in. There used to be a list of 4 items with green checkmarks, one of which said "Link to Behance"


                        I now just get this… which would imply no link to Behance, as it's an option… am I linked or am I not linked? And where can I se that for myself in Cloud preferences?

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                          sarahktrapp1 Adobe Employee

                          Hello - yes, that's simply giving you the option to LInk with behance. If you click that, it will bring you to a signup where you can make an account.


                          So, you don't have any account and should be all set!

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                            iDesign Level 1

                            Is there a place in Adobe Preferneces where I can see that I'm not linked?