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    How can I add a print button in my form?


      How can I include a Print-Button in my form? I want that somebody who has completed the form, has the possibility to print it, sign it, scan it and upload it into the form. I know that it is possible to attach a file but I want that the scanned and signed form can be attached.


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You might want to consider using a PDF form. With Reader 10/11, a user can sign it with a visible signature using Reader, so there's no need to print, sign manually, and scan. You could have another web form to allow them to upload the PDF form to FormsCentral. In order for this to work though, the PDF form should not be Reader-enabled, which PDF forms that are enabled for use with FormsCentral are. This can be removed if you have access to Acrobat, or if you use Acrobat to create the form in the first place. The main downside is all users will need to use Reader 10/11 (or Acrobat).


          If you're expecting the signature to be legally binding, you should look into Adobe's EchoSign service, which can work with PDFs.